Monday, July 15, 2013


ATTENTION MONTREAL! Here we come.  If you are looking for the opportunity to live the ultimate experience of your life, you need to block your calendar for August 18-19, 2013 and join us at the Autodrome of St-Eustache. You will learn how YOUR personal story is a true inspiration to others, how to grow your business in harmony with who you are, how to generate more wealth by doing what you love to do.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Small Business Book Awards 2013

I am so excited to share this with all of you. I have been nominated for my book SOAR with Vulnerability. And I need your help big time. Now it's a matter of votes.
Can you please take a moment and vote for my book? You can vote once a day!:)
This a another wonderful challenge as they are many great books out there. With your help and support I am positive we can make it. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I am positive that many of you have seen this amazing video already. It is a classic that will all-ways open doors to new vision of our purpose. Here's what Simple Truths says about it: The Butterfly Effect shows how your everyday actions can make a difference for generations to come. Through inspiring stories, The Butterfly Effect, by Andy Andrews, shares the secret of a life of permanent purpose, where every decision and action you make in life matters, not only today, but for the future.  When you understand that every action matters, every result of our actions immediately improves. The Butterfly Effect illustrates the unique power of the individual.  You have the power to change the world. What you do with your life matters today. It matters forever. Take a look: The Butterfly Effect

Why am I incorporating it into my SOAR blog movement? Because every moment of every day we have the choice to SORE or to SOAR. We can choose to come out of FEAR and be Invulnerable or come out of LOVE and be Vulnerable. Every action, decision and thought has the power to inspire or defeat someones vision and purpose.  What would you rather do?
I choose Vulnerabilicious...and it is yummy!
I choose to change the thoughts, the things, the actions that don't serve me and my purpose anymore.
After all, I was given a voice with a big message. What do I want to do with it?
We hear a lot of people these days talking about vulnerability, authenticity and transparency. It's like the new trend, the new 'tags'. When in doubt of the realness of it, stop, and feel between the lines. Read between what is NOT said and shared. In the stillness lies the aliveness.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Here's an interesting deal for you!

Entering a Movement like SOAR takes a lot of thinking. So I got this special deal for you.

Save $1 on your favorite Starbucks® whole bean coffees. Only only. Offer ends 2/10/13.

Just thought I would use a little bit of humor after having a vulnerable day. :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A different SOAR

In my book SOAR with Vulnerability - 11 Insights to the Full Enjoyment of Your Life, I show you how to move from a sore (painful) place to a soaring (freedom) place. In order to expand in that place of freedom, one needs to keep on practicing the 11 Insights, including myself. That's why books are written. To bring us back to focus when we lose the focal point. I have been moving in and out of that focal point, and I will share why. As mentioned in a  previous post and in my newsletter, I will continue to share my vulnerability with you and I am.  Here's one you might connect with.

As a book author our biggest challenge is not to write the book and getting it published but to PROMOTE it.
The same goes for the entrepreneur, speaker, business owner, personal trainer, etc...As a published or self-published author YOU need to get the job done. You need to continue building your platform, create interest around your book, send Press-Releases, Media Kits, do video trailer, etc... You name it. You need to become a Marketing Expert.  You need to learn on the fly, as my cousin Glenn would say, and make it happen.
Recently I have found some very valuable information, that I would like to share with you. It is the:

If you click on the title it will take you straight to his site where you will be able to download his PDF file. 
Let me know if you have any issues, but it is pretty black & white.  
Why am I sharing this story with you? What does it have to do with vulnerability? Vulnerability is a sensitivity, an openness, a strength to admit and not resist.
In this case it is about admitting to the reality that one doesn't know everything and doesn't have to. The knowledge is there, the tools are there, and your supporting tribe is there for you as well. I accept my vulnerability of not knowing everything. Imagine if I knew everything?  My life would be pretty lonely and boring. 
More about your tribe in a further post. In the meantime hopefully this info will help you with  your own social medias dilemmas. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

SOAR with Dolphins in KONA

For those of you who have joined me in the past for a Dolphin Swim, I know your life has never been the same. Here's a new opportunity to elevate yourself and inspire.

Friday, January 4, 2013

What have you done today that made you feel or be Vulnerable?

Of course it all depends on your definition of the word Vulnerable. The 'older' dictionaries present vulnerability as a weakness, as something that you do not want to show because if you do, 'you let yourself open to censure and criticism; or worse, of being physically and emotionally wounded'. These definitions are very dispiriting and demoralizing; enough to remove confidence from someone and create among them a sort of passivity. That's when the hiding starts. Vulnerability is truly a very empowering word. Vulnerability allows you to be who you truly are. Vulnerability is the ability to step up to your true self all-ways. Vulnerability is part of the experience that makes you the beautiful being that you are. Vulnerability is to dare be you in your authenticity.
I totally stepped out of my comfort zone when I wrote my book Soar with Vulnerability. I have open my heart all the way and will continue to do so through this blog. I will share more of me and in turn, learn more about you. Therefore, I am inviting you to join me in this new adventure and post your comments, your insights, your moments. Let's start a vulnerable conversation...source of our greatest strength. Let's get Curious and Be Outrageous together.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I choose...Conscious Awareness

Are you unconsciously unconscious? Most of us are! LOL I know I was. I now choose to live in Conscious Awareness where there is no limitation and endless opportunities. Did you know that making contact with these magnificent beings you ultimately trigger a connection with your own unconscious? Making contact with the whale is like making contact with your unconscious mind.Allowing the cycle to be complete between the conscious and unconscious minds so that was once hidden in the unconscious can now come into the light. I am planning a couple of Dolphin Swim trips this spring and maybe one Whale trip. What do you think?

Monday, December 31, 2012

How much Love are You sharing? How much Light are You shining?

Here we are once another December 31st. Another year ends and a new one is about to start. We call it Old Year's Night in some countries and New Year's Eve in others. Some of you are getting ready to go out and party while some of you have decided to celebrate in other ways perhaps a good meal with friends, watching an inspiring movie, go ice skating, fly down south to meet the sun, etc... My question to you is, why wait until December 31st to celebrate life? Why wait until December 31st to introspect about our lives and what we do with it? Every year, thousands of people and maybe even millions, are making resolutions for the upcoming year only to find themselves with none of them kept...just like the previous year. Often these resolutions are made out of guilt, sadness, hope, judgments and even fear. We start the new year by overwhelming ourselves with so many obligations; no wonder we can't keep it going. Feel like trying something different right now? Instead of waiting until December 31st to ask yourself hundreds of questions or for January 1st, to commit to yourself, your life and your dreams, why not start now? Every moment of every day you have the power to create and co-create the life you want for yourself and for others. You could accomplish a lot more by making a resolution, a commitment for each day of the year as you live them, one by one. No use to worry about tomorrow. As you get up in the morning make the commitment to engage in a precise being-ness. As an example, tomorrow morning before you even get out of bed, consciously engage into what will become the theme of your day. I choose Awareness. I will live my whole day in conscious awareness and see what it brings to others and myself. I will witness with no judgments of what is; I will just be in it. The next day I will choose another theme, perhaps Compassion and the next day another one and so on and so forth. And together we will co-create the moment.