Monday, December 31, 2012

How much Love are You sharing? How much Light are You shining?

Here we are once another December 31st. Another year ends and a new one is about to start. We call it Old Year's Night in some countries and New Year's Eve in others. Some of you are getting ready to go out and party while some of you have decided to celebrate in other ways perhaps a good meal with friends, watching an inspiring movie, go ice skating, fly down south to meet the sun, etc... My question to you is, why wait until December 31st to celebrate life? Why wait until December 31st to introspect about our lives and what we do with it? Every year, thousands of people and maybe even millions, are making resolutions for the upcoming year only to find themselves with none of them kept...just like the previous year. Often these resolutions are made out of guilt, sadness, hope, judgments and even fear. We start the new year by overwhelming ourselves with so many obligations; no wonder we can't keep it going. Feel like trying something different right now? Instead of waiting until December 31st to ask yourself hundreds of questions or for January 1st, to commit to yourself, your life and your dreams, why not start now? Every moment of every day you have the power to create and co-create the life you want for yourself and for others. You could accomplish a lot more by making a resolution, a commitment for each day of the year as you live them, one by one. No use to worry about tomorrow. As you get up in the morning make the commitment to engage in a precise being-ness. As an example, tomorrow morning before you even get out of bed, consciously engage into what will become the theme of your day. I choose Awareness. I will live my whole day in conscious awareness and see what it brings to others and myself. I will witness with no judgments of what is; I will just be in it. The next day I will choose another theme, perhaps Compassion and the next day another one and so on and so forth. And together we will co-create the moment.

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